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Song: A Mabel Lake Morning
Song: Aiken Drum
Song: Alouette
Song: An Irish Blessing
Song: Auntie Monica
Song: Australian Campfire Opening
Song: Austrian Yodeller
Song: Barges
Song: Bed Is Too Small
Song: Being a Guide With You
Song: Black Socks
Song: Bonsoir mes amis
Song: Brown Owl
Song: Brownie Closing
Song: Brownie Gold
Song: Brownie Song, The
Song: Brownie Stomp
Song: Brush Your Teeth
Song: Buddies and Pals
Song: Burmese Welcome
Song: Canoe Song
Song: Chinese Fan
Song: Chinese Fishermen's Song (Bai Lang Tao-tao)
Song: Clapping Game (We Who Have Come Here)
Song: Colour Questions
Song: Commercial Mix-up
Song: Crocodile, The
Song: Dans Mon Pays
Song: Dona Nobis Pacem
Song: Dum Dum Da Da
Song: Dutch Fire Opening
Song: Everywhere Around the World
Song: Fire Talk
Song: Fire's Burning
Song: First Tulip, The
Song: For This Is British Columbia
Song: Frere Jacques
Song: Get Out
Song: Give Thanks
Song: God Is Great
Song: Goin' On a Lion Hunt
Song: Going Over the Sea
Song: Good Night Song
Song: Guide Marching Song
Song: Guiding Law Song
Song: Ham & Eggs
Song: Hey, Hey, Hey, Jubilee Hey
Song: Hindi Song
Song: Horsey, Horsey
Song: Humphrey the Blue Nose Pumpkin
Song: I Can Make a Difference
Song: I Have a Rooster
Song: I Know a Little Pussy
Song: I Let Her Go, Go
Song: I Like the Flowers
Song: I Like to Eat
Song: If You Should Meet an Elephant
Song: Ira Congo
Song: Johnny Appleseed
Song: Join Into the Game
Song: Jubelana
Song: Ku-vi-a-nak-tu-mat
Song: Kum Ba Yah
Song: Land of the Silver Birch
Song: Let There be Peace on Earth
Song: Let Us Sing Together
Song: Let's Be Friends
Song: Light the Stars
Song: Light the Wood
Song: Linger
Song: Listen to the Earth
Song: Little Green Frog
Song: Lu-La
Song: Make New Friends
Song: May There Always Be Sunshine
Song: Moon Visit
Song: My Aunt Came Back
Song: My Aunt Grete
Song: My Frog
Song: My Hat
Song: My Pigeon House
Song: Now Run Along Home
Song: Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening
Song: On My Honour
Song: One World
Song: Our CabaƱa Song
Song: Pathfinder Song
Song: Penguin Song
Song: Picoulet - Switzerland
Song: Prayer to Gitchi Manitou
Song: Pumpkin Pumpkin
Song: Rain Song
Song: Russian Vesper
Song: Say Why
Song: Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me
Song: Silver Moon Boat
Song: Simple Blessings
Song: Sing a Song of Canada
Song: Sing and Shout
Song: Six Little Ducks
Song: Ski Song
Song: Softly Falls the Light of Day
Song: Sparks Can Jump
Song: Sparks Closing Song
Song: Sparks Jump Up
Song: Squirrel, Squirrel
Song: Suitors
Song: Sweetly Sings the Donkey
Song: Swimming Hole
Song: T.I.R.O.
Song: Tall Trees
Song: The Carnival Song
Song: The Cuckoo
Song: The Frogs
Song: The Merry-Go-Round
Song: The Train from Almendral
Song: The Window
Song: This is the Way We...
Song: This Little Brownie Light of Mine
Song: Thorn Rosa
Song: Three Black Cats
Song: Three Pirates
Song: Tingalayo
Song: Tongo
Song: Tool Time
Song: Tsoona Campfire Opening
Song: Vine and Fig Tree
Song: Walk Around
Song: We Want the Sunshine
Song: We're Sparks
Song: When Brown Owl was a baby
Song: Whene'er You Make a Promise
Song: Whippoorwill
Song: White Coral Bells
Song: Wimbaway
Song: Winterfire
Song: Zulu Farewell
Song:This Little Guiding Light of Mine