Spark and Brownie Record Keeping

Spark Record Keeping

There are many ways in which you could keep track of the program work completed by your Sparks.  Here are a couple of resources for you.

Personally, I like to keep track of everything in one Excel workbook.  I have a sheet for keepers, another sheet for challenges (not attached in my sample), a sheet to track dues payment, a sheet to print each week for sign-in/out, a sheet with registration info taken from IMIS (not attached in my sample) and a sheet with my plan for the year (not attached in my sample).  Here is a sample of my Excel workbook. This is based on the Guide tracking sheet that I created several years ago and shared on my Castlegar Girl Guides website (which is out of date now, as the program must have changed since then!)

Alana Coneen, who had a website called Sparkling Fun, gave me permission to share her Sparks Record Sheets, which are very attractive and can be easily used by Guiders unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel.

I have created an individual program record sheet for each Spark.

Whichever you choose, it is a must to keep track of the activities completed by your Sparks group!

Brownie Record Keeping

I have created record keeping sheets for each of the Brownie Keys, similar to those found above for the Sparks.  I have posted them as pdf files, however I did create them in Microsoft Excel.

To keep track of the keys and interest badges for the entire unit, you can use an Excel Spreadsheet.